Aurora and red squirral

On March 12 the weather suddenly cleared up and it was possible to see the Aurora Borealis. The moon and snow on the lake where the photo was taken, added to the atmosphere, as well. Got a feeling of being on a ski track to the moon under flaming Northern Lights with myriads of stars in the sky and diamonds in the snow – what an unearthly night! Such a pitty the show subsided after one hour.

Aurora Borealis on March 12 at about 01.15..

 When we started to feed the birds after our return from South-America in the middle of February, it took a while before they returned. Of course the red squirrels liked to join the party,  and at most four red squirrels have been here entertaining us. They always find a way to get to the food no matter how difficult that is. But they are really welcomed and we did not make it hard for them at all.

Red squirrel "stealing" food from the birds.


About asleoh

Professional outdoor photographer, IT-specialist, guide to wildlife safaris in Finland, hot spots in South-America and Norway, teacher of photography courses/workshops/software, slide shows.
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