Wood anemone and such just before our national day

At last the rain cleared away for almost a day here in the beginning of the taiga forest where I live, but the forecast for our National Day – the 17th of May –  is not promising. The wood anemone has changed its color to dark pinkish and is nodding in the wind and smiling to the sun which is right now close to setting. I just spent an hour crawling around in may garden hunting these elusive creatures with a Micro-Nikkor 200mm or 10,5 mm Fisheye DX lens fitted on my D3S. No tripod, everything including me was laying flat on the ground. Really love both lenses. The fisheye was used at ISO 200, f/22 and 1/15 second and focused at closest distance. The petals of the flowers were actually touching the front element of the lens. What a depth of field! And luckily the wind calmed down a second now and then. In addtion to the flowers I have thrown in for a good measure some other motifs from my garden taken the very last days. Please enjoy…


About asleoh

Professional outdoor photographer, IT-specialist, guide to wildlife safaris in Finland, hot spots in South-America and Norway, teacher of photography courses/workshops/software, slide shows.
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2 Responses to Wood anemone and such just before our national day

  1. Anna L. Ettlin says:

    Beautiful photos! I didn’t know squirrels had amber eyes!

    • asleoh says:

      Thank you, Anna!
      Usually you will not see them like this, but with the use of a small
      flash like I have used here, this will quite often bring out this color.

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