Photo Tours/Workshops 2018: Wild Animals, Finland

Experience wild and free-ranging animals, like Bears, Wolves, Wolverines and birds – 2018.

Bear in Finland, July, 2017. © Asle Hjellbrekke/NN

Place: Wildlife Safaris, Finland‘s place in No Man’s Land on the Finnish-Russian border in Kuhmo, Finland, about 160 kms from the airport of Kajaani. Company owned by well-known and higly awarded photographer Lassi Rautiainen who is a pioneer in photographing wild aninmals and has about 30 years of experience in this. He has been a friend for 30 years and we have arranged my trips together for last 10 years. 

When:   July: 22. – 28. (max 6 nights).     September 17. – 22. (max 5 nights) is the best time of the year for beautiful autumn colors.  

Price: EUR 245/night. Do not include travel costs between participant’s home place and Base Camp Kuikka where the photo trips start each day.

Interested in joining me on one of my trips?

Contact me on FB (Asle Hjellbrekke) or Email or  telephone int+ 47 90799834 

Have a look at for detailed information about the place in Finland.

Wolf  Finland July 2017 © Asle Hjellbrekke/NN


Wolverine Finland July 2017 © Asle Hjellbrekke/NN



About asleoh

Professional outdoor photographer, IT-specialist, guide to wildlife safaris in Finland, hot spots in South-America and Norway, teacher of photography courses/workshops/software, slide shows.
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