The moon on March 19, 2011

I am always in search of Mother Nature’s Magic Moments and tend to find them in a diversity of places – close or far way, big or small. In my graden they might evolve out of a wild hare, a small insect, a beautiful flower or a Hazel Grouse when Mother Nature in a short glimpse decides to reveal one of her secrets. Or just equally possible I am on the coast of one of our big oceans, in between high mountain peaks or just is somewhere in an endless, sandy desert. And since – in mind and place I am a sole witness to these moments – I am the luckiest man under the moon


Email: asleoh@online.no or ah-foto@online.no 

Look at my photos + info at:  http://photos.ah-foto.no 

Stock agency: www.samfoto.no          Blog: https://hjellbrekke.wordpress.com  

Blog for the magazine Villmarksliv’s competition NM i Naturfoto/Fotojakta: http://fotojakta.wordpress.com

Collection of links: www.ah-foto.no


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