On a rainy Saturday morning…

It is the 20th of August 2011 and a rainy Saturday morning when a Bullfinch family comes  to visit a Lilac by the porch. During the summer a couple of these birds have been regular visitors, but this family is new acquaintance. They were attracted to the place by some seeds of sunflower left here and there by others. The father was soon eagerly feeding the youngsters. In addition some rather young Chaffinches were flying around this morning. Here are a couple of shots from the visits.

Chaffinch in rain. Nikon D3s, 200-400mm/4 @ 400mm, 1/250 sec, f/5.6, ISO 6400. © Asle Hjellbrekke/NN.

Male Bullfinch feeding youngster. Nikon D3s, 200-400mm/4 at 310mm, 1/200 sec, f/4, ISO 2000. © Asle Hjellbrekke/NN.

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Naturfotografering – tips og råd

De nordiske jakt og fiskedager går av stabelen i slutten av denne uken på Skogmuseet i Elverum. Fredag 12. august kan du da se mitt bildeforedrag “Naturfotografering – tips og råd” kl. 14.00 i Auditoriet.

Her er link til programmet for hele arrangementet:


Vel møtt!

Amerikasaksenebber i Pan de Azucar NP i Chile jan 2011. © Asle Hjellbrekke/NN

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5 nights – Midnight Sun and Lunar Eclipse

The month of June is definitely a very good time to see Norway. And especially if you in a few days can experience both the midnight sun, a lunar eclipse, the abundance of flowers and greens and wildlife that the nature provides at this time of the year. Living a 120 kms north of Oslo it is necessary to travel north of the Arctic circle to see the midnight sun. Being visited by two dear friends from Chile who were screaming for to see this marvellous wonder by their own eyes, the 11th to 13th were spent in the Bodø area of Norway where the weather was just perfect with just a light breeze and a little clouds here and there. Back in the taiga forest of Løten the night between the 15th and 16th gave a glimpse of a very beautiful lunar eclipse. Sorry to say, due to cloudy weather it was just a glimpse at the very end of the eclipse a few minutes just after midnight. But the Nordic night is bright and the atmosphere in the photos got just awesome without any heavy work in Photoshop.

So here are some photos from 5 exciting nights – and days…

Waiting for the Midnight Sun north of Bodø, Norway. © Asle Hjellbrekke/NN

Mountains in a row: Syv Søstre (Seven sisters), Alstadhaug, Nordland. © Asle Hjellbrekke/NN

Midnight Sun on waterfall north of Bodø. © Asle Hjellbrekke/NN

The mountain Steigtind in Midnight Sun. © Asle Hjellbrekke/NN

Midnight Sun and the Atlantic Ocean north of Bodø. © Asle Hjellbrekke/NN

Lunar Eclipse, June, 2011 at Løten, Norway. © Asle Hjellbrekke/NN

Lunar Eclipse, June, 2011 at Løten, Norway. © Asle Hjellbrekke/NN

The sky an hour before the Lunar Eclipse, June 2011, at Løten, Norway. © Asle Hjellbrekke/NN

Another photo of the sky an hour before the Lunar Eclipse, June 2011, at Løten, Norway. © Asle Hjellbrekke/NN

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A Magic Moment – after all

At about six o’clock today in the evening I was at the porch with my camera and the 200-400mm lens + 1,7x teleconverter.  A red squirrel was around in the trees and it had been raining for some minutes. Suddenly I heard a bird screaming and I caught a short glimpse of a small bird being chased by a bigger one. A split second later the small one flew straight into one of the big windows on the porch with a loud noise and fell to the floor just a meter away from me. The bird was a Eurasian Siskin and was laying lifeless there. I feared the worst and stood only looking for a while. Suddenly she started to move, but just  ending up in an even more ackward position with the head and one wing in a very unnatural pose. I thought, that was that, now this life has ended. But after a while she  started to move again and trying to raise her head she came into an even stranger position with eyes closed. And what happend next was really a magic moment to experience. The head was lifted even higher and suddenly the most beautiful tune I have ever heard came from the bird. It lasted for several seconds and was very faint, but being on my knees and thus very close to the bird I could clearly hear it. It stopped, and the bird was not moving at all. I thought that was the last ‘song’ from this one. But believe it or not, suddenly the the tune startet to sound again! It lasted even longer this time. And when it stopped – to my big superise – the bird shook itself a couple of times, opened the one eye I could see and the head went into a normal position!

Since she was laying in the water on the porch I then gave her a little help and moved her gently to a drier place, but she did not want to leave my hands, though. and she did not seem to be afraid of me at all. I found no broken wing or legs so I got a hope that she was safe and sound and only a little shocked. After about ten minutes of small talk and a few photos she suddenly flew away without problems and saying no goodbye – and left me very happy and another Magic Moment richer…

Here she has just come back to life with legs and wings in disorder.

Looking better here.

Both photos taken with the equipment mentioned above at ISO 3200 and f/8.

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Wood anemone and such just before our national day

At last the rain cleared away for almost a day here in the beginning of the taiga forest where I live, but the forecast for our National Day – the 17th of May –  is not promising. The wood anemone has changed its color to dark pinkish and is nodding in the wind and smiling to the sun which is right now close to setting. I just spent an hour crawling around in may garden hunting these elusive creatures with a Micro-Nikkor 200mm or 10,5 mm Fisheye DX lens fitted on my D3S. No tripod, everything including me was laying flat on the ground. Really love both lenses. The fisheye was used at ISO 200, f/22 and 1/15 second and focused at closest distance. The petals of the flowers were actually touching the front element of the lens. What a depth of field! And luckily the wind calmed down a second now and then. In addtion to the flowers I have thrown in for a good measure some other motifs from my garden taken the very last days. Please enjoy…

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Spring – last part of April 2011

The trees got green leaves one week before the end of April this year. Very seldom this has happened and actually more than a hundred years ago since the average temperature of April has been this high. Being busy with other work, the time spent lately could have been more. But here I post some of the photos taken during the last part of April.

Thanks for your visit and welcome back another time…

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Dreamscapes – spring is in the air

Yesterday on April 23 the Kynnavassdraget waterway southeast of Elverum tempted with fresh spring air and a symphony of sounds and colors that delighted all senses. The mind kept on working with these items during the night and here is what I saw in my dreams…

All photos taken with Nikon D3S, 200-400mm/4, ISO 1600, handheld.

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